Film on natural healing narrated by Danny Glover needs help!

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Film on natural healing narrated by Danny Glover needs help!

Post by walkingthroughworlds » Thu Apr 15, 2010 1:17 am

We need you to help us on our film project by telling your story!

WalkingThroughWorlds is a film project aiming to raise public awareness about natural healing. With discussion in America now looking at health care we need to ask, what kind of care do we want? We will examine examples of pharmaceutical healing versus natural healing as we promote an understanding of the various alternative care methods that exist.

That is where you come in! We need you to share your personal accounts of where Western medicine has fallen short and natural medicine has come to the rescue. Your experiences are essential for giving this project the impact and meaning we seek. So please help us as we strive to open eyes to the diversity of healing methods the world has to offer.

You can see more online by typing in "walking through worlds" in Google Search bar. The film will be the first thing to show up.

Please email your story to It can be a paragraph or even a few paragraphs long. If we decide to include your story, we will contact you to get more information.

Thank you and we hope to hear from you.

Kind regards,
Alicia Roldan
Assistant Producer

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