Death and Mankind

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Death and Mankind

Post by chandresh_kumar » Tue Sep 11, 2012 6:20 pm

In terms of fear or enjoy the death, three types of mankind are exist in the world:

One who is enthusiastic to the world, second one is repentant and third one is surrendered to God.

1. The man who is enthusiastic to the world does not remember death. He hates death and distant from the remembrance of God.

2. The man who is repentant remembers death but has terror of it. He does not often like death because he fears to die before he makes sincere repentance or he purifies his soul from corrupt deeds and he does not think bad of meeting with death and God, because he is not fully prepared for it, but he is always busy in preparation to meet it.

3. The man who always remembers death, as he likes to meet with his beloved is God Lover. Such persons love to meet with death to save them from the world of sin. The diviner has said: “Death is a gift for the believer.” Death gives him relief from worldly difficulties.

Thinking of death

People understand death is terrible because they are unmindful of death. The person who does remember and understand death does not think of it with his whole heart. The mode of thinking of death is to free your mind from all thoughts and only put his mind on death. Be like the one who embarks on dangerous sea voyage. When the thought of death fills his mind and becomes one shadow, his worldly happiness decreases and his heart breaks. The best method of thinking of death initially is to remember the death of other people, their bodies burned or buried under the ground.

Also think when death will come, one can feel the God really by his/her senses, which is impossible in the life.
Chandresh Kumar Chhatlani

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Re: Death and Mankind

Post by Saille » Sat Sep 07, 2013 6:53 pm

Namaste, Chandreshji, what an important post! :F0

Your words bring home something that so many people are squirmish about, thinking about our own demise, or that of those we love. Knowing that life is finite and that we all die does not decrease the fear most people feel. The main issue here is that death is attached to the most base of dense (lower, heavy, slow-vibratory) emotions: Fear.

Fear is ego-based, as are all dense emotions that only reside on the physical plane, which is what we call reality.

But, as someone who died at age four, I know what all who have had this experience know: Dying may be slow, or painful, or fearful, but death is pure bliss, surrounded by the kind of total, unconditional love and beings there to rejoice that we rejoin them. Living is much, much more difficult than what we know when we shrug off our physical bodies. This is why meditation can lead to such bliss: We leave the ego and our physical bodies behind for a time.

So. Given what you've so wisely put out for us, I can see that there is a progression for humans. (Forgive me, Chandreshji, but since I'm a woman I must include the "hu" in "man" to include my gender) ;)

At first, we leave our memories of being without our egos and bodies, and join the world, forgetting more with each passing year, until many are totally externally focused, searching and searching for fulfillment in new cars, relationships, homes, riches, things that can be bought, or that validate our existence.

Some learn, and turn more inward, which leads to soul-searching and reviewing our lives. Much of it may not be pretty and we wonder how we could have been so hurtful, or neglectful of others and our Mother Earth. We feel regret and fear that we will incur divine wrath, or we fear we'll be born of an animal doomed to suffer at the hands of someone who mistreats us.

And then, for even fewer of us, we do what we can to learn from those mistakes and turn inward for the solace that the previous phase illicited fear and cringing: To our Source. We yearn and strive for the connection we had long forgotten or turned from. Eventually, we see that we were never really separated at all, since we have the Divine spark within us--and turn inward for what we sought externally.

I ask those who read this, since it's a progression, and one which we fluctuate between phases, where are you at this time?

Be the peace you seek. And Namaste.
Be the peace you seek. For in becoming Light, you become the peace of the universe; in this way, you help all. ~Namaste~

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