Shadow Work

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Shadow Work

Post by angelicdiamond » Tue Aug 14, 2012 6:09 pm

If you're trying to accomplish your life missions and you do NOT do Shadow work, you're doing it wrong!

What is the Shadow Self?

The Shadow Self that we ALL have is the aspect that is made up of all the negativity we have been faced with and hold on to. If you have lots of GUILT, anger, frustration, resentment, negative intentions, FEAR, unhealthy thoughts, and DISTASTE for SELF, then you have quite a large and strong Shadow self. Your Shadow Self WILL hold you back from light, love, your divine self, and accomplishing your life missions.

How should we feel about our Shadow Self?

Hearing that, you probably don't like your Shadow Self. You probably wish you didn't have one, that it wasn't so stubborn, and you probably want to eradicate it, don't you? WELL STOP IT! Because you're FEEDING IT! Your Shadow Self is just as much a part of you as your heart. It IS you. Understand? This is part of yourself, and you should love it and accept it just as much as the qualities about you that you liked from the start. Every time you work with your Shadow Self, you should face it with the pure unconditional love of your heart. This is alchemy.

What should I do with my Shadow Self?

Once you've come to terms that it IS you, and that it is an aspect of you that deserves to be loved as such, you're ready to move on. Here's the truth: Your Shadow Self is part of you, but your Shadow Self works against your awakening and ascension. So, if you should love it, then what do you do with it so that it let's you go along your path to enlightenment? Simply put, let it go.

What is Shadow Work?

Shadow Work is the act of loving and letting go of the Shadow Self. It is saying "I love you, my dear Shadow, and I love you enough to merge you with my own soul. But first..." And there's where we begin. If your Shadow Self is to be united with your divine purpose, then some of it has to go so that it's workable. We do this though gratitude, forgiveness, mercy, and unconditional love.

Doing Shadow Work

Let's start with forgiveness.

Remember that thing your friend said to you that made you want to cry, even if it wasn't on purpose? Go ahead and forgive that 100%. BAM! Shadow Self is smaller.

Forgive yourself for holding onto negativity and things that don't serve you and aren't in your highest good. BAM POW! A big blow to the Shadow Self — in a good way. This makes it submissive to what you're doing.

Ask forgiveness from your own self for hurting yourself.

Forgive things like Religion, politics, organizations, and people who do bad things even if you don't know them. WOOF! Much smaller.

Now moving onto gratitude: the key to manifestation.

State things that you're grateful for! This gets your mind off things that the Shadow Self clings onto.

Instead of being mad at the person who got the job you wanted, be grateful that you're able to seek out something thats moreso in your highest good! Also be glad that the person now has an income!

Instead of focusing on the fact that something spoiled in your refrigerator before you could eat it, be happy that you have all the food that you currently have and that you even have a refrigerator!

This is how you should look at things when doing Shadow Work.

Shadow Work also consists on releasing bad habits or cycles that seem to happen often with you that aren't in your highest good. To do this, recognize what's happening, why it happens, and then forgive and release all of these things, because they're not in your highest good!

Now, tell your Shadow Self to merge with your soul, so that as soon as it grabs onto something, it can be immediately dealt with. You have to check in with it everyday, but it should show itself to you for now on, telling you that it has something. It's not just your mind :) You may have to do this a few times before it clicks in your head what's happening, but it's a good practice! You can even make it a ritual.

Highest Blessings!
Merry Meet & Merry Part & Merry Meet Again!
Blessed be & Bless Free, you and all your kin!
By Earth & Moon & Firy Skys, live long and sing, rejoice!
Within, Without, Withall-around, may all obey your voice!

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