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Position of readiness for Jallundhar Bandha

Sit down on the floor in Padma Asana (lotus pose) or in Sukha Asana (easy pose) with spine straight. Look straight and put palms on their respective sides of knees.


Inhale slowly and retain the breathe.

Bend your head downwards slowly, so as chin touches the chest.

After the chin has touched the chest or is near to it, lift the shoulders a little upwards keeping spine straight.

Hold your breath inside. Retain this position for 5 to 10 sec. this is Jalandhar Bandha.

While releasing, raise your head slowly exhaling. When the head is straight you should have exhaled completely.

After rest of a few breaths repeat this bandha.

Daily practice

Three rounds daily.

Benefits of Jallundhar Bandha

It has curative and corrective effects on disorders of head, shoulders, cervical region, throat and face.

It is beneficial for people suffering from sinus and breathing trouble.

This Bandha stimulates Kundalini power to rise upward. Ida and Pingla nerves are bound by this Bandha.

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