Corporate Workplace Wellness Program

The greatest asset of almost any business/ institution is its people, and it is often true to say that people perform their best at work when their lives are balanced and fulfilling. Every year, companies throughout the world lose billions of dollars as a direct result of stress in the workplace through,

  • Reduced work performance
  • Illness
    Poor time keeping
  • General absenteeism
  • Increased staff turnover

These all tend to rise in accordance with job pressures, all of which have a devastating effect on profit margins, not to mention morale. If stress remains undetected or is simply ignored, the problem will not go away, it will simply be exacerbated: sturdier and efficient members of staff will eventually suffer too, as they become burdened with the work of colleagues who are less able to cope.

Recent collation of data by Health and Safety Agencies suggests that every year some 10 million individuals in the world suffer from work-related stress, depression or anxiety, costing industry millions of revenue, time and not to mention the expense incurred on resultant health care issues.

When dealt with in the right way, conflict can actually lead to positive outcomes such as more effective teamwork and greater innovation. This clearly indicates that there is a need for complementary therapies within the workplace.

At The Holistic Care we are fully committed to offering Holistic Corporate Wellness Program that both suitable for your Institution and environment.

Today mainstream businesses become more aware of the physical health and psychological wellness benefits of meditation and other holistic and spiritual disciplines, a subtle yet powerful change in the collective corporate consciousness is taking place. It has become increasingly common for companies to introduce their staff to holistic practices that enhance their health and wellbeing so as to lower stress levels in the work place and to encourage maximum productivity and ingenuity.


We, at The Holistic Care, assist in those desiring wholeness, healing & wellness by helping them to seek out and heal the root causes of their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues.

The Holistic Care brings balance and rejuvenation to the corporate environment, providing on-site well-being services. We have developed and piloted a practical wellness program for busy people. The program is designed to lower stress levels, by teaching techniques to build greater personal awareness, conscious thinking and personal empowerment to effectively; diffuse stress and emotions in stress related situations, calm the mind and body and provide the ability to bring yourself back into balance quickly.

At the core of the Corporate Wellness Program is holistic healing using Reiki, EFT, Yoga and Practical Meditation. You will get to experience formal meditation/ holistic healing during the sessions and will be taught informal meditation techniques which teach you to bring yourself into the present moment as often as possible during your day. We demonstrate how to apply them to a busy and often stressful working life.

All holistic techniques and tools are practiced during the program and you are encouraged to test the theory by applying it immediately to your working environment.

The Program was designed to provide an opportunity to experience different styles of meditation and relaxation techniques while finding a formula that works for you individually. The program is delivered in a light-hearted way to make learning fun and engaging so you want to utilize your new skills and create new levels of success in your personal and professional life.

Download Corporate Wellness Program – Presentation

For inquiries about interactive workshops/ training/ healing sessions contact us on,

cancer cured in 3 minutes


Gregg Braden presents a video showing cancer being cured in less than 3 minutes using the language of emotion. Using the technology of emotion that’s inside all of us and mirror that expection to the field that’s all around us. You must feel the feeling as if it has already happened.

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Read the topics in the left-hand column, and then circle the choice that best describes you from the right-hand columns.

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If you feel that you have characteristics from more than one section, feel free to circle both. base your answers according to your total life experiences, and not just how you feel these past few weeks, months or year. Then add up each column and mark the total number of qualities you have ascribed to under each of the three sections. 


Physical Traits





Body Frame





Finger Nails

cracking or thin

pink/soft, medium

wide, white, thick

Resting Pulse (before 10AM & before meal)






low or bony

medium or muscular

gains easily


Stool/bowel movements

small, hard, or gas 

loose or burns

moderate or solid

 Forehead size






strong or sharp

constant or low


small or unsteady

reddish or focused

wide or white


low or weak

high or sharp

slow or silent


cracking, thin, dry

medium or soft 

large or smooth

 Which bothers you most?

cold and dry

heat and sun

cold and damp

Body Totals





Mental Traits


nervous or fearful

irritable or impatient

easy going


quick or talkative

moderate or argues

slow or silent






travel or nature

sports or politics

water or flowers



quickly grasp, soon forgets

sharp or clear

slow to learn; never forget



radical or changing

leader or goal oriented

loyal or constant



flying or anxious

fighting or in color

few or romantic



enthusiastic or worries

warm or angry

calm or attached



quick or adaptable

penetrating or critical

slow or lethargic

 Mind Totals





The knowledge consists of three aspects known as the Tri-Sutras of ayurveda, which are – etiology or the science of the causes of disease, symptomatology or the study and interpretation of symptoms and medication and herbal remedies.

Vyaadhi, or disease in Ayurveda is due to an imbalance of three fundamental elements of the body.

These are Vata, Pitta and Kapha

The entire universe is made up of Panchmahabhootas, or great “elements”. (Which are not material in the usual sense of the term, and are types of energy.) For identifying them they are called

Akaasa ( space)

Vaayu ( air )

Agni (fire )

Ap ( water )

Prithvi( earth )

Panchmahabhootas are omnipresent; they are mixed in an infinite variety of relative proportions such that each form of matter is distinctly unique. Although each element has a range of attributes, only some get evident in particular situations. Constantly changing and interacting with each other, they create a situation of dynamic flux that keeps the world going.

Just as in nature, we too have these five elements in us. When any of these elements are present in the environment, they will in turn have an influence on us. While we are a composite of these five primary elements, certain elements are seen to have an ability to combine to create various physiological functions.

Within a simple, single living cell for example the earth element predominates by giving structure to the cell. The water element is present in the cytoplasm or the liquid within the cell membrane. The fire element regulates the metabolic processes regulating the cell. While the air element dominates the gases therein. The space occupied by the cell denoting the last of the elements.

The Panchmahabhootas therefore serve as the foundation of all diagnosis & treatment modalities in Ayurveda and has served as a most valuable theory for physicians to detect and treat illness of the body and mind successfully.


VAATA: Human bodies are mainly made of Akasa, Vaayu with a little of Agni, Ap and Prithvi. Vaata is what allows one to interact with the environment. Briefly, vaata tramsmits sense impresions to the mind and responses to various parts of the body and maintains the integrity of the

body and proper functioning of its various constituent elements. The sensory organs of touch and sound depend on vaata the Dhaatus and Malas (tissue material and waste matter) are transported by vaata. It stimulates Agni and produces joy. It forms the embryo in the womb into particular shapes It is the evidence of life .


PITTA: Is the primary constituent of the living body whose structure is Agni ( “luminous light”). Its function is balancing and transformative. Its functions in particular are — vision, digestion, production of heat, Hunger, thirst, softness and suppleness of body, lustre, cheerfullness and intelligence.


KAPHA: Is one of the primary constituents of body, having “water” and “earth” as elements. Function of Kapha is conserving and stabilising. Kapha is what is responsible for growth, adding structure unit by unit. Another function of the Kapha dosha is to offer protection. Cerebral-spinal fluid protects the brain and spinal column and is a type of Kapha found in the body. Also, the mucousal lining of the stomach is another example of the Kapha dosha protecting the tissues. It organises the tissues (into their microscopic and macroscopic form).

We are all made up of unique proportions of Vata, Pitta and Kapha.



Why know your dosha?

To know the doshas means to understand you. Knowledge of your main dosha type can give you vital clues on what to eat and how to live to stay healthy and happy. The science of the doshas honours your individuality, it will help you support your true nature, better understand your children, and partners and reveal simple lifestyle measures that can keep you and your family running harmoniously.

Ayurveda gives you the power to understand these interactions and keep yourself feeling balanced, healthy and calm.


The Self-test, and all materials contained in this website are for educational purposes only; it is not intended to treat, diagnose or prescribe. Contact a duly licensed health care professional for medical concerns.


Chelation Therapy

Chelation therapy is a process involving the use of chelating agents to remove heavy metals from the body. For the most common forms of heavy metal intoxication, those involving lead, arsenic or mercury, the standard of care in the US dictates the use of DMSA.

EDTA treatment has been around since the 1940’s, when it was developed to treat lead poisoning.
Chelation is a chemical process in which a substance is used to bind molecules, such as metals or minerals, and hold them tightly so that they can be removed from a system, such as the body. In medicine, chelation has been scientifically proven to rid the body of excess or toxic metals. For example, a person who has lead poisoning may be given chelation therapy in order to bind and remove excess lead from the body before it can cause damage.
In the case of EDTA chelation therapy, the substance that binds and removes metals and minerals is EDTA (ethylene diamine tetra-acetic acid), a synthetic, or man-made, amino acid that is delivered intravenously (through the veins). EDTA was first used in the 1940s for the treatment of heavy metal poisoning. EDTA chelation removes heavy metals and minerals from the blood, such as lead, iron, copper, and calcium, and is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use in treating lead poisoning and toxicity from other heavy metals. Although it is not approved by the FDA to treat CAD, some physicians and alternative medicine practitioners have recommended EDTA chelation as a way to treat this disorder.

EDTA chelation therapy and side effects
When used as approved by the FDA (at the appropriate dose and infusion rate) for treatment of heavy metal poisoning, chelation with EDTA has a low occurrence of side effects. The most common side effect is a burning sensation experienced at the site where the EDTA is delivered into the veins. Rare side effects can include fever, hypotension (a sudden drop in blood pressure), hypocalcemia (abnormally low calcium levels in the blood), headache, nausea, vomiting, and bone marrow depression (meaning that blood cell counts fall). Injury to the kidneys has been reported with EDTA chelation therapy, but it is rare. Other serious side effects can occur if EDTA is not administered by a trained health professional.


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