Acne Natural Treatments

Natural cure & preventing Acne pimples through alternative complementary medicine like naturopathy & home remedies

What is Acne?

  • All skin diseases, including acne, are the outcome of malfunctioning of the body as a whole.
  • Acne is a common human skin disease that causes pimples.
  • This is inflammatory condition of the sebaceous glands and hair follicles on the face, the neck, chest and shoulders.
  • It is closely associated with the disturbance in the hormones.

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Who suffers?

  • Between the ages of 12 and 24, nearly 8 out of 10 young people suffer from acne.
  • The majority of patients recover between the ages 20 and 30 years. But yet common in men over 30 years.
  • In women, it rarely lasts beyond the early 30s and is normally worse before each menstrual period.
  • Acne causes a great deal of embarrassment at an age when people tend to be sensitive about personal appearance.

What are Symptoms of Acne

  • comedones or blackheads,
  • pimples,
  • small superficial sebaceous cysts and scars.

Areas affected by Acne

  • forehead,
  • temples,
  • cheeks,
  • chin,
  • chest and back,
  • In some cases, almost the entire body may be covered with black heads with extensive scarring.

What Causes Acne?

  • excess starches and sugar,
  • excess of fatty foods,
  • irregular hours of eating,
  • constipation
  • unhygienic living habits
  • excessive use of tea, coffee, tobacco, alcohol
  • masturbation
  • sedentary habits that lead to indigestion

Acne and Chronic constipation

If the bowels movement is irregular, the waste matter is not eliminated properly and the bloodstream becomes surcharged with toxic matter. The extra efforts of the skin to eliminate excess waste result in acne and other forms of skin disease.

Ointment only suppress the action of the sebaceous glands temporarily and does not serve any purpose.

Natural Treatment for Acne

In nature cure, the main emphasis is on diet and certain water applications.

  • Fruit diet for about a week. IN this regimen, there should be
  • Three meals a day, consisting of fresh juicy fruits, such as apples, pears, grapes, grape-fruit, pineapple and peaches. Citrus fruits, bananas, dried, stewed or tinned fruits should not be taken.
  • Unsweetened lemon or plain water, either hot or cold, should be drunk and nothing else.
  • During this period, warm -water enema should be taken daily to cleanse the bowels and

After a week of all fruit diet,

  • the person can gradually adopt a well-balanced diet.
  • Emphasis on raw foods, consisting of fresh fruits and vegetables, sprouted seeds, raw nuts and whole grain cereals, millet and brown rice.
  • Further shorter periods on the all-fruits for 3 days at a monthly interval till the condition of the skin improves.
  • Avoid starchy, protein and fatty foods, Meats, sugar, strong tea, coffee, condiments, pickles, refined and processed foods, soft drinks, candies, ice cream
  • vitamins niacin and A have been used successfully to treat acne.
  • vitamin therapy may comprise a niacin, 100 mg. three times daily and vitamin A in large doses upto 1,50,000 units per day should not exceed one month.
  • Vitamin E is also vitally
  • Zinc is also used successfully to treat acne.
  • Therapeutic Zinc doses of 50 mg. three times a day. After noticeable improvement it can be gradually reduced.

Local Treatment for Acne

  • Hot fomentation to open up the pores and squeeze the waste matter.
  • Then rinse with cold water.
  • Sun and air baths are highly beneficial.
  • Healing packs made of grated cucumber, oatmeal cooked in milk, creamed carrots
  • Orange peel, lemon are proved beneficial
  • A teaspoonful of coriander juice, mixed with a pinch of turmeric powder.
  • juice of raw potatoes
  • A hot Epsom-salt bath twice a week

Ayurveda Franchise | Ayurveda Panchakarma Services


Ayurved is the most ancient Medical Science that has originated in the land of India. It has emerged through the Vedic Philosophy and is begin used to cure a number of diseases since thousand of years. More then a medical science, it is a lifestyle that builds a healthy mind and body. the explicit description about daily & seasonal regimen in classic texts helps to achieve a healthy life. A disease according to Ayurved is an imbalance of doshas (Biological humors / body constituents) and it’s treatment is to reestablish their balance. True enjoyment is possible only where there is true health. Either you can willingly limit yourself or nature will limit you. Disease is nature’s way of forcing you to slow down and rest. Ayurveda eliminates toxins, purifies the body, balances and rejuvenates,

Ayurvedic massage empowers the immune system, preventing new diseases from developing.

For Ayurveda Franchise Opportunity Ayurveda Franchise Business Opportunity

Panchakarma – What is it?

Panchakarma is a form of treatment in ayurveda where instead of oral medication, treatment is done by using various procedures like massage, steam, medicated enemas etc. This treatment constitutes of five basic forms of treatment each of which is called as a karma, hence the name pancha-karma where pancha indicates five.

Panchakarma is the ultimate therapy for the mind and body, a deep detoxifying and healing experience, strengthening the immune system, restoring balance and well-being to body and mind. Developed thousands of years ago in India, it is recommended on a seasonal basis, as well as when you feel out of balance or experiencing illness

panchakarma1During the first few days the toxins are loosened up with a massage called Abhyangam a warm herbal oil massage. This therapy is used to heat the body and open the body’s circulation channels, it also relaxes the body releasing tension and allowing toxins to flow more easily from the tissues for elimination.Panchakarma – The process

  • This is followed by a deep cleansing combination of Ela-khizi a highly effective massage treatment which shatters any blockages in the blood and lymphatic circulation, cleanses channels, increases circulation, eliminates wastes and toxins through perspiration. It is also a traditional herbal massage treatment for stiffness, body pain, back pain, arthritis and sports injuries etc. Nasayam a facial massage that gently cleanses the upper respiratory tract and sinuses. This process uses pure herbal oils to improve the flow of life energy and help you breathe more freely. It is also a wonderfully effective treatment for sufferers of migraine or sinusitis. Virechana a herbal powder to clean and dislodge any toxic residue in your intestines
  • And finally Shirodhara the head, shoulders and whole body is massaged, this is followed by the pouring of medicated oil on the forehead in a rhythmic pattern, which loosen’s up the toxins in the mind. It is a marvelous treatment for balancing and releasing stored emotions, relieves anxiety, stress and mental exhaustion. It is also a wonderful treatment for headaches, excessive thinking and sleeping disorders like insomnia etc. After a Shirodhara treatment, most people notice a marked reduction in stress and anxiety; with many reporting a calming of emotions, improved sleep, deep relaxation and a temporary blissful state.
  • AYURVEDA SERVICES  We offer the Ayurveda treatments of ailments along with maintain of health, life style in traditional way through our Healing Centers worldwide. The ayurvedic package are designed by ayurvedic experts. It might be changed according to patient / clients body constitution, pulse, body strength, problems, season and country. Our rates are very genuine & reasonable. we offer our services as stand alone or special package are :


AbhyangamThe word Abhyangam in itself means ‘to massage’. In Ayurveda, it is the name for a treatment that harmonizes the body with the soul.
This treatment includes body massage with herbal oils of different types in accordance with the ailment and the need of the client, designed around each patient, to suit his/her condition or disease.

  • Abhyangam massage rejuvenates the body and the mind, providing many emotional and physical advantages.
  • It helps to detoxify the deep seated toxins through natural bodily process such as sweating and urination.
  • The Abhyangam massage is infact beneficial for everyone as it deals with bringing about rejuvenation and thus general good health.
  • it is especially useful for persons with problems such as those of obesity, diabetes, skin diseases etc.
  • It is ideal for post delivery/natal care of mothers.
  • Other benefits include: Pain relief, stress relief, better sleep, improve blood circulation, beautification of skin, delayed aging, muscle relaxation, reducing swelling of arthritic joints, helps increase the production of white blood cells and antibodies, which provide resistance and immunity against viruses and diseases.   Duration: 60 minutes – $100


UdwarthanamBody massage using herbal powder is called udvarthanam. The massage activates the nerves and increases blood flow to the impaired parts of the body. Udvarthanam is also an important health preserving massage. The treatment is good for diseases like diabetic neuropathy, paralysis, obesity, skincare, sciatica, indigestion and sclerosis of blood vessels.[list class=”bullet-2″][li]As the massage promotes active blood flow, it revitalizes and reconditions the body, thus preserving its strength, skin texture, and natural elasticity.[/li][li]Fat reduction is one of the significant benefits in cases of obesity.[/li][/list]Duration: 75 minutes – $100


Shirodhara2The term Shirodhara comes from ‘Shiro’ which means head, and ‘Dhara’ which means flow. Together these two words form the concept that aims to bring profound emotional relaxation. It is a treatment that calms and harmonizes the nervous system.
A flow of medicated oil or buttermilk is poured continuously on the forehead for 45 to 90 minutes, inducing a mental state similar to trance. Shirodhara helps in the relief of mental exhaustion, anxiety, insomnia, headache, excessive thinking etc, which are all common problems in today’s hectic lives.[list class=”bullet-2″][li]It is also highly beneficial for general relaxation, in which case, non medicated oils are used to help revitalize the nervous system and give mental peace.[/li][li]Shirodhara is also very useful in ailments such as nervous disorders, insomnia, blood pressure, general weakness, urinary diseases, vertigo, sinusitis, eye & skin diseases, greying hair, memory loss, insomnia, tinnitus, epilepsy, diabetic neuropathy, paralysis etc.[/li][li]Other benefits include: Strengthens the central nervous system (CNS), strengthens the sensory organs, reduces stress and anxiety, decreases hypertension, sound sleep, improves concentration, intelligence, confidence and self-esteem.[/li][/list]Duration: 90 minutes – $160


Elakizhi-massage-therapyElakizhi is a massage therapy, which is highly effective in treatments of ailments affecting the bones and joints using a linen bag is made and filled with herbal leaves, herbal powders, lemon, garlic and various other beneficial ingredients. .
Procedure: Under this treatment, a powder of herbs, contained in a bolus is applied with lukewarm medicated oil, either on whole of the body or over the pain affected areas only. This process continues for 45 minutes everyday over 7 to 14 days.

[list class=”bullet-2″][li]Ela-kizhi is a highly effective treatment which shatters any blockages in the blood and lymphatic circulation, cleanses channels, increases circulation, and eliminates wastes and toxins through perspiration.[/li][li]Highly advisable in bone and joint conditions such as arthritis, spinal problems, spondylitis, sports injuries etc..[/li][li]Relieves pain, numbness and edema, controls vitiated Vata, improves peripheral blood supply, known to help cure diseases like paralysis and convulsions, and stimulates the nerve endings.[/li][/list]Duration: 90 minutes – $140


NasyamThe application of medicated oil or powders through the nostrils is called nasyam. Nasyam is very important treatment for illness in the head region. Nasal drops are administered in each nostril for elimination of excess bodily humours accumulated in sinuses, throat, nose & head areas. ‘Nasa hi Shirso Dwaram’ it means nose is the doorway of the brain according to Ayurveda. With the use of nasaya, mucous membrane of nasal cavity is stimulated and therefore, other associated organs are also affected. Therefore, the obstructed kapha, in the channels, is removed which results in proper blood circulation in the head. [list class=”bullet-2″][li]Nasaya helps in eliminating toxins from the head, neck, brain, ear, nose, and throat and cleans all the channels.[/li][li]It provides strength to sensory organs, prevents ageing, hair loss and graying.[/li][li]It also keeps the skin of the face and body free from wrinkles.[/li][li]Nasyam is excellent for Chronic sinusitis, Headache, Throat diseases, Epilepsy, Catarrh, Migraine, Voice constraints, Eye diseases and Cervical Spondyolosis.[/li][/list]Duration 30 minutes – $60

Whole body cleansing

ShirodharaA wonderful way to detox the body is a combination of Kizhi, Nasyam and Virechana. When you regularly cleanse your body internally, the more efficient your system is in maintaining all other functions. Toxic chemicals easily find their way into our body through the air we breath, the food we eat and the water we drink. These toxins need to be eliminated before they disrupt normal metabolic systems and processes. Although the body is designed to eliminate toxins, it cannot always handle the overload present in today’s environment. If you allow these toxins to remain inside your body, it disrupts the natural flow of energy in your body. [list class=”bullet-2″][li]This Ayurvedic treatment cleanses and remove toxins from the lymphatic system and digestive system.[/li][li]It removes clogged sinuses, cleans and clears the head channels, stimulates the brain cells and central nervous system.[/li][li]An excellent system to improve our immune function.[/li][/list]Duration: 120 minutes – $200

Special Package

Panchkarma and Detoxification package

Panchkarma and Detoxification packageFirst Ayurvedic consultation with Doctor with empty stomach, the doctor will explain the doshas, Body constitution, diet, herbal medicine for balancing the dosaa & also treatment.
The treatment includes Ayurvedic Abhayanga, Svedana (steam), Shirodhara, Vamana, Virechana, Basti, Nasya Karma and also some procedure according to Body constitution and problems. It will take daily 2 hours a day. The treatment will be under the supervision of Ayurvedic Doctor with expert Technician in peaceful environment.

1st Day to 5th Day — Ayurvedic Abhayanga, Shirodharta, Steam along with internal oleation

6th Day—– Vamanam or Virechana with Abhayanga & Swedana
7th Day—– Rest (Sansarjan Karma)
8th, 9th, 10th Day —– Abhayanga, Sweda & Nasya Karma or Sansarjan Karma.
11th Day—- Virechana / Basti Therapy with Abhayanga & Steam
12th, 13th, 14th Day—- Abhayanga / Basti / Or Other Treatment
16 Days—- Abhayanga / Basti / swedan

Stress management

Stress managemenStress or Anxiety is increasing with high rate in the modern age. It disturbing the life activity, life span, produces insomnia or sleeplessness, affects the Harmone’s level in the Body, which corrupts the metabolic activity & the disturbed metabolism produces a lot of diseased like Diabetes , IBS (Irritable Bowl Syndrome), Leucoderma or Other Skin disorder or so many other diseases.

Ayurveda has very effective and natural way of stress & Anxiety management. Smoothing Abhayanga with special Herbal Oil give very good relaxation of Body & Mind. The Shirodhana is a perfect treatment along with Herbal steam that balances the nervous system, increase the blood circulation, releases the toxins from the body in form of sweat and Urine. There is no way chemical or western style of treatment are used in this Therapy. After completion of Ayurvedic Treatment, Ayurvedic experts will suggest for taking Ayurvedic supplement to restoring the mental & physical power.

Weight Loss package

Weight Loss packageGaining weight of human is one of the major problem of the world. The most important cause of the increasing weight is due to disturbed hormonal level which is originated by less physical activity, consumption of a lot of Carbohydrate, Fatty foods, Stress originated by hectic life.

It disturb the metabolic functions of the body. According to Ayurveda philosophy , obesity is due to obstruction in between seven dhatus process, (Meda & Asthi). That obstruction is Ama. This Ama has to cleanse through detoxification process & Aahar, Vihar (Diet & Exercise. The weight loss package is programmed in 21 days Ayurvedic treatments including , Ayurvedic massage, Swedan (Heat), Vamana, Virechana, Basti, Udavartana etc. According to body constitution and doshas of the body. The weight reduction will be around 5-8 Kg in 21 days.

Rejuvenation package

Rejuvenation packag We are taking / getting so many chemicals, toxins in our body in the form of polluted water, chemically treated vegetables, food stuffs. these chemicals affects our body cells in the form of degeneration of the tissues. The body immune system recover the degeneration of tissues. The Ayurveda helps to restore & regenerates the body tissues naturally.

It involves the Ayurveda consultation, treatments and medicine. Abhayanga with Ayurvedic oils, Snehana and Swedana with milk & rice potalies, Shirodhara and steam therapy. these Ayurvedic therapy rejuvenate each and every cells & tissue of the body. Treatment give the good energy, skin becomes lusturefull and bright, dead tissue slugged off, the internal organs like liver, colons, kidney and spleen are also rejuvenate by the Ayurvedic treatments.

The Ayurvedic doctor prescribe the herbal supplement for maintaining the rejuvenation after completing the therapy.

Details of Rejuvenation Package :

Rejuvenation helps to increase life span, working ability, enhances mental and physical performance. A complete 7 days programm to rejuvenate each & every cells of the body which is very important to maintenance of life.Recharge your body,mind and soul.Relax yourself, Feel the real taste of Ayurvedic procedure of ancient oldest science. Any procedure could be changed by Ayurveda and Yoga expert.
Ayurveda consultation = 2 (20 min)     Abhayanga = 7 (60 mn)
Shirodhara = 3 (45 Min)     Steam = 3 (20 min)
Pind swedan = 3 (45 min)     Shashti shali pinda = 2 (90 min)
Udawartan = 2 (60 min)     Yoga and meditation- 5 (60min)

The treatments listed above are available to guests of our yoga retreat and to members of the public wishing to benefit from these authentic and effective Ayurvedic therapies.
Please Note: Special prices are available for treatment packages.

Yoga Studio Franchise | Wellness Franchise Business Opportunity

The Holistic Care recognizing the challenges of high-speed global change rolls ahead offering you a fantastic opportunity in promoting a holistic understanding of the unity of life. We foster the well-being of the entire human family by promoting holistic understanding. We also promote the cause of intelligent art of living a healthy, peaceful, spiritual value based life of lofty ideals & moral values; manifesting the inner divinity & spiritual energies of humankind.

life holistic


WELLNESS is a broad term that describes overall health in terms of a balance between the body, mind and spirit. The emphasis in this concept is the aspect of balance in one’s overall lifestyle rather than a focus on just physical health as is common in conventional western medicine.

Our definition of “Wellness” is any practice that increases the health and well-being of a person. Think of Nature Cure, Reiki, Yoga, Ayurveda, plus many more ways of optimizing wellness.


holistic sphereAs per a recent study by the Stanford Research Institute International, the global wellness industry represents a market of nearly US$ 2 trillion. This is attributed to the fact that people want to live longer and healthier lives and so wellness, at some level or the other, is no longer the comfort of the rich. Just go down to your local strip mall or commercial district and see what you run into. You will find Vitamin stores, fitness centers, natural food markets, and so many more wellness related businesses seem to be emerging at incredible rates! A massive wave is forming.



  • Are you a Yoga Teacher/ Reiki Healer/ Wellness Practitioner and dreaming about opening a centre, but you don’t know where to start?
  • Do you love yoga and want to get yoga Franchise?
  • Are you a wellness industry professional and would like to augment the practice?
  • Do you have a yoga studio now and would like to join The Holistic Care?

No matter who you are and what may be your motivation, we can help. Being part of The Holistic Care family, you will receive support!

The Holistic Care offers you the opportunity to open a Holistic Wellness Centre and the offer is on a very attractive low budget considering to any similar wellness business. By nature we are drawn to relationships where we can provide real benefits to all those who come in touch with our The Holistic Care Family. In fact, we measure our performance by your results. In every situation, we team with you in a process that you control & achieve regional superiority and success in this new venture with The Holistic Care.

General requirements for opening a new The Holistic Care Wellness Center (or re-branding your present center)

  • Yoga / Reiki or Wellness enthusiast
  • Environmental awareness
  • Yoga Studio/Wellness center/practice license (if your country/area needs)


The Holistic Care Wellness Center will offer,

  • Yoga, Reiki Healing and Training
  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Healing and Training
  • Nature Cure Program for detoxification by naturopathy ways:
    Massage, Mud Pack, Mud bath, Hip bath, Spinal bath, Immersion bath, foot bath, Steam bath, Sun bath, Hot & Cold fomentation, wet sheet pack, Enema & Day spas

Note : Support for Reiki/Energy Healing Programs are only offered at this time.


Through this segment The Holistic Care brings balance and rejuvenation to the corporate and social environment, providing on-site well-being services.

We have developed & piloted a practical wellness program for busy people. The program is designed to lower stress levels, by teaching techniques to build greater personal awareness, conscious thinking and personal empowerment to effectively; diffuse stress & emotions in stress related situations, calm the mind & body and provide the ability to bring yourself back into balance quickly.
The business will operate from a center based location. It will serve any area within the territory, with traveling fees taken account with price of treatment. The healer will travel to and perform the service at the client’s premises.

WHY BRANDING MATTERS Think of branding as a consumer shortcut. Since the average consumer doesn’t have time to thoroughly evaluate every product that crosses their path, they make buying decisions based on the brands they trust. It’s a fact: A wellness/Reiki business has brand characteristics. Some brands struggle to achieve recognition with consumers while others seem to be quickly embraced by the marketplace. Companies that incorporate brand positioning into their normal marketing routines gradually accumulate higher brand values and are rewarded by consumers.


  • Franchisee Partner with excellent entrepreneurial skills, strong motivation, commitment, ability to manage finances and passion towards wellness services & to be part of building a better Society is prime necessity.
  • Setting up of premise at a prominent locality (Own/Rental) & increasing the capacity of premises as and when required. If you own the space has the advantage of keeping overhead low. However, before choosing this option, it is important to evaluate the suitability of your space.
  • Promoting brand name strongly in the city and getting good number of clients in the centre. All local activities related to marketing and promotion will be the sole responsibility of the franchisee this includes advertisements in various medias, conducting local ground events or promotion.
  • Purchase and set-up of hardware, software and other required equipment as needed.
  • Recruitment of staff.
  • Adherence to organization culture and work environment.
  • Willingness to take Training.
  • Timely transaction of finances pertaining to franchisee fee, royalty fee, material procurement fees etc.
  • Proper planning and budgeting towards marketing, media & advertisement for generating the required inquiries.
  • Keep a detailed spreadsheet (by date) for income, expenses and bank deposits in the software provided to you. Upon request, give your client a receipt (use a duplicate receipt book or send him soft-copy on email) and show: date, client’s name, amount received, description of service (E.g. for healing services) and signature.
  • gradation of the technology & Set-Up as and when required.
  • Getting the required enrollments through proper team coordination.
  • Adherence to the Corporate Identity norms i.e. use of all print & stationery, Advertisements, Company name & Logo etc…



  • The Holistic Care is the Fastest Growing wellness brand in the world.
  • Advantage of our Brand name spread across 190 countries.
  • Your individual page presence on The Holistic Care web site.
  • You will get blog/ dedicated section at The Holistic Care web where you can, publish your events, activities, updates that may include photos, details and maps and a link to online registration (and payment).
  • International Tie-ups Benefits.
  • Support, advice, contacts as to advertising brochures, flyers, business cards, layouts, etc on cost.
  • Continuous and successful operation of the center. We have experience as to what works well!


  • Special Technical Support in form of a Mobile faculty & huge back end support in terms of evaluation & feedback.
  • New programs as per the market trends as when required to be launched.
  • Help in developing unique programs specially looking at your regional requirements.
  • Premises set up details (Floor plan, Architectural plan, Interior etc…)
  • Help in Recruitment.  i.e. Interviews  & Final Staff selection.
  • Support for smooth functioning of the centre.
  • I-Card, Certificates for various courses.


While the risk of a Reiki practitioner being sued is negligible, and you expect that you will never need it, we believe it is important to have a personal liability policy.
When practicing Reiki/Healing, protect yourself legally by having your clients sign the Client Energy Work Consent and Client Release Liability Waiver before you start treatment.


  • Help in Developing a Marketing strategy & Media plan.
  • Know how on generating necessary tie-ups required for generating inquiries.
  • Demo and promotional material pertaining to the company & courses.
  • Brochures, Catalogue, Fliers can be procured from the HO on cost.


This tie-up will be for a year which can be renewed (subjective to your performance).

For Yoga and Nature Cure Program : The Franchisee Agreement will be for a period of 3 years. There are no renewal charges till this period of 3 years.


Detailed business plan, Franchisee proposal will be sent to those who are interested in obtaining a Franchise. Kindly send us your request on  with following details,
Are you Wellness Practitioner (write down more info about your practice):

Comments & Views :

FRANCHISE-inquiry pdf version

Naturopathic Naturopathy Treatments : Franchise Centre Business Opportunity

Naturopathy is a scientific system of healing stimulating the body’s inherent power to regain health with the help of five great elements of nature – Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Ether. Naturopathy is a call to “Return to Nature” and to resort to simple way of living in harmony with the self, society and environment. In fact, Nature Cure is a way of life of which we find a number of references in the Vedas and other ancient texts. The morbid matter theory, concept of vital force and other concepts upon which Nature Cure is based are already available in old texts.

For Naturopathy Treatments Center and Nature Cure/Naturopathy Franchise Business Opportunity.

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Therapeutic Baths hydro-therapy naturopathy

The largest constituent of human body is water. About 60 to 70 per cent of the total body weight consists of water. Naturopathy recognises the importance of water and the role it plays in human body. Water therapy is therefore an important part in the methods of treatment in naturopathy.

Enema (rectal irrigation)

In naturopathic Enema, lukewarm water is injected into the rectum for cleaning the bowels. After five to ten minutes, the water can be ejected along with the accumulated morbid matter. A warm water enema helps to clean the rectum of accumulated faucal matter. This is not only the safest system for cleaning the bowels, but also improves the peristaltic movement of the bowels and thereby relieves constipation. A cold water enema is helpful in inflammatory conditions of the colon, especially in cases of dysentery, diarrhoea, ulcerative colitis, haemorrhoids and fever.

Cold Compress Heating Compress Cold Compress is a local application using a cloth which has been spread out in cold water. The cold compress is an effective means of controlling inflammatory conditions of the liver, spleen, stomach, kidneys, intestines, lungs, brain, and pelvic organs and so on. It is also advantageous in cases of fever and heart disease. The cold compress soothes dermities and inflammations of external portions of the eye. When the eyeball is affected, the cold compress should follow a short fomentation.

Heating Compress cold Compress naturopathyThis is a cold compress covered in such a manner as to bring warmth. A heating compress consists of three or four folds of linen cloth wrung out in cold water which is then covered completely with dry flannel or blanket to prevent the circulation of air and help accumulation of body heat. It is sometimes applied for several hours. After removing the compress, the area should be rubbed with a wet cloth and then dried with a towel. A throat compress relieves sore throat, hoarseness, tonsillitis, pharyngitis and laryngitis. An abdominal compress helps those suffering from gastritis, hyperacidity, indigestion, jaundice, constipation, diarrhoea, dysentery and other ailments relating to the abdominal organs.

hip_bath_therapy_naturopathyHip Baths The hip bath is one of the most useful forms of hydrotherapy. As the name suggests, this mode of treatment involves only the hips and the abdominal region below the navel. A special type of tub is used for the purpose. The tub is filled with water in such a way that it covers the hips and reaches up to the navel when the patient sits in it. Generally, four to six gallons of water are required. Hip bath is given in cold, hot, neutral or alternate temperatures.

Cold Hip Bath The water temperature in cold hip bath should be 10 degree C to 18 degree C. The patient should undertake moderate exercise like yogasanas, after the cold hip bath, to warm the body. A cold hip bath is a routine treatment in most diseases. It relieves constipation, indigestion, obesity and helps the eliminative organs to function properly. It is also helpful in uterine problems like irregular menstruation, chronic uterine infections, pelvic inflammation, piles, hepatic congestion, chronic congestion of the prostate gland, seminal weakness, impotency, sterility, uterine and ovarian displacements, dilation of the stomach and colon, diarrhoea, dysentery, hemorrhage of the bladder and so on.

Hot Hip Bath Hot hip bath is generally taken for eight to ten minutes at a water temperature of 40 degree C to 45 degree C. Before entering the tub, the patient should drink one glass of cold water. A cold compress should be placed on the head. A hot hip bath helps to relieve painful menstruation, pain in the pelvic organs, painful urination, inflamed rectum or bladder and painful piles. It also benefits enlarged prostates gland, painful contractions or spasm of the bladder, sciatica, neuralgia of the ovaries and bladder. A cold shower bath should be taken immediately after the hot hip bath.

Neutral Hip Bath The temperature of the water should be 32 degree C to 36 degree C. The neutral hip bath helps to relieve all acute and sub-acute inflammatory conditions such as acute catarrh of the bladder and urethra and sub acute inflammations in the uterus, ovaries and tubes. It also relieves neuralgia of the fallopian tubes or testicles, painful spasms of the vagina and prorates of the anus and vulva. Besides, it is a sedative treatment for erotomanis in both sexes.

Alternate Hip Bath This is also known as revulsive hip bath. The temperature in the hot tub should be 40 degree C to 45 degree C and in the cold tub 10 degree C to 18 degree C. The patient should alternately sit in the hot tub for five minutes and then in the cold tub for three minutes. The duration of the bath is generally ten to twenty minutes. The head and neck should be kept cold with a cold compress. The treatment should end with a dash of cold water to the hips. This bath relieves chronic inflammatory conditions of the pelvic viscera such as salpingitis, ovaritis, cellulitis and various neuralgias of the genito-urinary organs, sciatica and lumbago.

 Spinal BathSpinal Bath The spinal bath provides a soothing effect to the spinal column and thereby influences the central nervous system. It is given in a specially designed tub with its back raised so as to provide proper support to the head. It is beneficial in almost all nervous disorders such as hysteria, fits, mental disorders, loss of memory and tension. The neutral spinal bath is a soothing and sedative treatment, especially for the highly strung and irritable patient.

The duration of this bath is twenty to thirty minutes. The hot spinal bath, on the other hand, helps to stimulate the nervous, especially when they are in a depressed state. It also relieves vertebral pain in spondylitis and muscular backache.

 Full Wet Sheet Pack

wet sheetwet sheet

The whole body is wrapped in a wet sheet for regulating evaporation. The head should be covered with a wet cloth so that the scalp remains cold. The feet should be kept warm during the entire treatment. The pack is administered for half an hour to one hour till the patient begins to perspire profusely. He may be given cold or hot water to drink. This pack is useful in cases of fever especially in typhoid and continued fevers, and benefits those suffering from insomnia, epilepsy and infantile convulsions. It is useful in relieving chronic cold and bronchitis and helps in the treatment of rheumatism and obesity.

Cold Foot Bath For cold foot bath, three to four inches of cold water at a temperature of 7.2 degree C to 12.7 degree C should be placed in a small tub or bucket. The feet should be completely immersed in the water for one to five minutes. Friction should be continuously applied to the feet during the bath, by rubbing one foot against the other. A cold foot bath, taken for one or two minutes, relieves cerebral congestion and uterine hemorrhage. It also helps in the treatment of sprains, strains and inflamed bunions when taken for longer periods. It should not be taken in cases of inflammatory conditions of the urinary organs, liver and kidneys.

Hot Foot Baths one should keep his or her legs in a tub or bucket filled with hot water at a temperature of 40 degree C to 45 degree C. Before taking this bath, a glass of water should be taken and the body should be covered with a blanket so that no heat or vapour escapes from the foot bath. The duration of the bath is generally from five to twenty minutes. The patient should take a cold shower immediately after the bath. The hot foot bath stimulates the involuntary muscles of the uterus, intestines, bladder and other pelvic and abdominal organs. It also relieves sprains and ankle joint pains, headaches caused by cerebral congestion and colds.

Steam Bath Steam bath is one of the most important time tested water treatments which induce perspiration in a most natural way. The patient, clad in minimum loin cloth or underwear, is made to sit on a stool inside a specially designed cabinet. The duration of the steam bath is generally ten to twenty minutes or until perspiration takes place. A cold shower should be taken immediately after the bath. The steam bath helps to eliminate morbid matter from the surface of the skin. It also improves circulation of the blood and tissue activity. It relieves rheumatism, gout, uric acid problems, and obesity. The steam bath is helpful in all forms of chronic toxemias. It also relieves neuralgias, chronic nephritis, infections, tetanus and migraine.

Immersion Bath (full bath) It is administered in a bath tub which should be properly fitted with hot and cold water connections. The bath can be taken at cold, neutral, hot, graduated and alternate temperatures.

Cold Immersion Bath This may be taken for four seconds to twenty minutes at a temperature ranging from 100 degree C to 23.80 degree C. Before entering the bath, cold water should be poured on the patient`s head, chest and neck and the head should be protected with a cold moist towel. During the bath, the patient should vigorously rub his or her body. After the bath the body should be quickly dried and wrapped up in a blanket. This bath helps to bring down fever. It also improves the skin when taken for five to fifteen seconds after a prolonged hot bath, by exhilarating circulation and stimulating the nervous system.

Graduated Bath The patient should enter the bath at a temperature of 31 degree C. The water temperature should be lowered gradually at the rate of 1 degree C per minute until it reaches 25 degree C. The bath should continue until the patient starts shivering. The graduated bath is intended to avoid nervous shock by sudden plunge into the cold water. This bath is often administered every three hours in cases of fever. It effectively brings down the temperature except in malarial fever. Besides, it also produces a general tonic effect, increases vital resistances and energises the heart.

Neutral Immersion Bath This bath can be given from fifteen to sixty minutes at a temperature ranging from 26degree C to 28 degree C. It can be given for long duration, without any ill-effects, as the water temperature is akin to the body temperature. The neutral bath diminishes the pulse rate without modifying respiration. It is also beneficial for cases of organic diseases of the brain and spinal cord, including chronic inflammatory conditions such as meningitis, rheumatism and arthritis. It also helps those suffering from multiple neuritis, alcoholism and other narcotic habits, chronic diarrhoea, peritonitis and chronic affections of the abdomen. The neutral bath should not be prescribed in certain cases of eczema and other forms of skin diseases where water aggravates the symptoms, nor in cases of extreme cardiac weakness.

Hot Immersion Bath This bath can be taken from two to fifteen minutes at a temperature from 36.6 degree C to 40 degree C. Generally this bath is started at 37 degree C and the temperature is then gradually raised to the required level by adding hot water. Before entering the bath, the patient should drink cold water and also wet the head, neck and shoulders with cold water. This bath can be advantageously employed in dropsy when there is excessive loss of tone of the heart and blood. This bath relieves congestation of the lungs and activates the blood vessels of the skin muscles. This bath should be given when the menstruation is due and may be repeated for two to three days in succession. The hot bath is a valuable treatment in chronic rheumatism and obesity. It gives immediate relief when there is pain due to stones in the gall bladder and the kidneys.

Epsom Salt Bath The immersion bath tub should be filled with about 135 liters of hot water at 40 degree C. with dissolved Epsom salt. This is useful in cases of sciatica, lumbago, rheumatism, diabetes, neuritis, cold and catarrh, kidney disorders and other uric acid and skin affections.


Mud therapy Mud therapy is effective remedy to several diseases in Naturopathy. Soil refreshes, vitalizes and enlivens the human body. It is believed that for wounds and skin diseases, application of clay or moistened earth was the only true natural cure. The body is thus repaired with the element from which it is assumed to be made. All diseases, especially the serious nervous troubles would lose their terrors, by sleeping or lying on the earth at night.

Walking barefoot is regarded as a valuable step in achieving good health. Going barefoot draws vital energy and strength out of the earth. The significance of earth has become well-known around the world today.  It is presumed that the body draws unto itself the therapeutic minerals and some of the earth`s magnetism. Mud Therapy includes Mud bath, mud pack and others.


 Mud Pack Mud Pack therapy nature cureThe use of mud packs has been found highly beneficial and effective in the treatment of chronic inflammation caused by internal diseases, bruises, sprains, boils and wounds. This mud treatment helps to retain moisture and coolness for longer time span then compared to water packs or compresses. The mud pack relaxes the pores of the skin, draws the blood into the surface, relieves inner blockage and pain, and promotes heat radiation and removal of morbid matter.

Mud packs have been found to be a valuable treatment of diseases relating to general weakness or nervous disorders. It can also bring down fever and is beneficial in the treatment of scarlet fever, measles and influenza. The mud pack is prescribed for swellings, eye and ear troubles, gout, rheumatism, stomach troubles, kidney and liver malfunctions, diphtheria, neuralgia, sexual disorders, headache, toothache and general aches and pains.

mud-bath-nature-cureMud Bath Mud or clay bath is another mode of treatment in mud therapy. The application is in same way as packs, but only on a larger scale on the entire body. In this, mud or clay is made into a smooth paste mixed with hot water. The paste is then spread on a sheet which in turn is wrapped round the body. One or two blankets are then wrapped over this, depending on the temperature of the room and that of the pack.

The mud bath is found to tone up the skin by increasing the movement and energising the skin tissues. Frequent mud baths help to improve the complexion, clear spots and patches on the skin following skin disorders or due to smallpox. It is very beneficial in the treatment of skin diseases like psoriasis, leucoderma and even leprosy.

This bath is also valuable in getting relief from rheumatic pain or pain in the joints caused by injuries. The duration of the bath should be from thirty minutes to one hour. Mud applications also form a vital part of natural beauty treatment.

 Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic Massage

Massage can be used with advantage as a method of treatment for many common ailments. The various forms of massage and their usefulness in various diseases are described here in brief.

  • Swedish Massage: It is a cardio massage which combines with different stokes and movement to tone up the body muscles, to increase the circulatory system and for energizing.
  • Vibro Powder Massage: Dry powder massage with the help of a hi-tech vibrator to all over the body parts with the specific attachments to improve the peripheral blood circulation and to mobilize accumulated fat.
  • Deep Tissue Massage: It is a pressure massage which is similar to Swedish but deeper to mobilize accumulated fat, remove the fatiqueness, stiffness so to refresh and energizing.
  • Special Back & Spine Massage: For back and spinal pain.
  • Special Head & Foot Massage: For relaxation and soothing.
  • Hot Stone Massage: A full body massage with the application of Hot Stone on specific areas to get relief of pain and to relax.
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